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Small group personal training sessions for women conveniently Located inside Hamilton Athletic Club. My proven program includes

        Affordable Training: Small group training (2-3 women) which is a fraction of the cost compared to 1:1 personal training. 

       Personalized Evaluation:" Starting a fitness training program is the first step. An assessment will be done to see how fit you are and find out your strengths and areas that need improvement. This helps you and your trainer work together to reach your goals."

       Science-Based Strength training: "You'll never get stuck or bored because the Program has planned the best exercises and keeps changing them to help you improve."

        30-Minute Workouts: Your time is limited so don't spend hours at the Gym. Maximize your results in just 30 minutes.

        Custom Meal Plans:"We'll make special meal plans for you based on what your body needs to reach your fitness goal. You can eat foods you like and that fit your schedule and drink enough water every day."

         Accountability:The heart of the Transformation Coach Program is having regular meetings and ongoing help to keep you motivated and committed to reaching your goals. It helps you become a better version of yourself


300 Main st Wenham MA 01984

Tel: 781-244-4622

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